Battery Brands - HDI Info

Hodgson Distributors can deliver batteries at over 140 branches across the USA.  Most of these batteries are not on this website.  Many batteries are not available at all of the branches.  Brands include Trojan, Fullriver, US, Rolls-Surrette, Centennial, Odyssey, Optima, Exide, Enersys, Motobat, Powersonic, Relion and generic house brands.  Applications include Golf, RV, Marine, Solar, Auto/truck Starting, Commercial, motor sports, wheelchair, forklift.  Email us with the brand, part number, quantity needed, and your location to get a quote.  Check out Battery Pickup Local and click through the sub-categories to find the most common batteries pricing.  The battery finder can be used to find the group size of your automotive starting batteries based on your vehicle year, model, and engine size.  Email: [email protected]