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Hodgson Distributors Inc is the distribution division of Hodgson Corporation, a private company.

Hodgson Distributors Inc also does business under the name Roadrunner Fastening Systems.  Hodgson Corporation was founded in the year 2000, Hodgson Distributors Inc was formed in 2007.

We provide the following services:

  • Local customer pickup of batteries and battery accessories throughout the USA
  • We ship batteries throughout the USA
  • We handle Canadian and Mexican customers who want to pick up batteries in the USA
  • We distribute fasteners, solar energy products, Lucas oil products, Worx Hand cleaner and other fine products.
  • Battery brands include Trojan, US, Centennial, Full River, Rolls-Surrette, Odyssey, Optima, Northstar, Motobatt , Powersonic, Relion, InduraPower, Lithium Battery Company and more.
  • Roadrunner Fastening Systems - An ISO9001:2015 certified supplier of military, aerospace, and commercial fasteners. RFS supplies defense contractors, original equipment manufacturers, job shops, and commercial contractors with fasteners of all types. RFS also supplies special or custom fasteners to our customer's specifications.  A Northrup Grumman preferred supplier providing 1000's of products for the US military.
  • Hodgson Energy handles Solar Energy system sales.

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