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Battery pick up

7/3/2017 7:30:55 PM

I picked up the batteries Dave. No problems. The guys at the store are great. Thanks for the help. Regards, TJ

- TJ

Worx Hand Cleaner

9/5/2016 1:21:11 PM

"We have been a Worx Master Distributor since 2004, no complaints, lots of happy customers"

- David Hodgson

Worx Hand Cleaner

9/5/2016 1:15:58 PM

“WORX is so completely eco-friendly that it fills a real niche for the ‘green’ environmental movement,” says Catharine Smith, purchasing manager for Arbico Organics in Tucson, AZ.

- Catharine Smith

Worx Hand Cleaner

9/5/2016 1:14:11 PM

“WORX does not leave your hands hardened and cracked like the harsh soaps do” says Jerry Conant, President of Arizona Jobbers Supply, Phoenix, AZ. “The goop-type products can leave your hands greasy. But when you wash WORX off, it's gone. There’s absolutely no residue. And because it takes very little to do the job, it’s a better value.”

- Jerry Conant

Worx Hand Cleaner

9/5/2016 1:12:33 PM

“I work in manufacturing using coolants and cutting oils. Dirt, grease and grime, aluminum and steel particles get everywhere. WORX All-Natural Hand Cleaner has been cleaning my hands completely without doing any damage to them,” says Larry Swedburgh at Competitive Engineering in Tucson, AZ.

- Larry Swedburgh

Lucas Oil Stabilizer

8/18/2016 9:27:15 AM

We had a car that would not pass the emissions test after a complete tuneup and adjustment. We changed the oil and added a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. The car passed the emissions test. Jeff Wright, Priority Auto & Tire Center

- Jeff Wright

Lucas Racing Oil

8/18/2016 9:24:50 AM

We used to open our engine up every race to check for damage and wear. Since we started using Lucas 20-50 Plus Racing Oil and Lucas Oil Stabilizer we have cut our engine tear-downs in half and have noticed no visible wear during our racing season. Our engine builder even commented on the lack of detectable engine wear when we did our end of season examination. We are very pleased with Lucas products. Bill Alvarez, Alvarez Racing

- Bill Alvarez

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